What Business are we in?

Putauaki Trust (“Trust”) is an Ahu Whenua Trust which was established on 3 June 1981, and is currently owned by approximately 800 shareholders.  The shareholders are predominately descendants of Te Pahipoto, hapu of Ngati Awa of Te Teko. 

The principal activities of the trust comprise

  • Dairy Farming;
  • Cropping:
  • Forestry;
  • Investment;
  • Property/land ownership;
  • Geothermal development; and
  • Leases.

The main objectives of the Trust is to create financial wealth to enable the cultural, social, environmental and economic aspirations of the shareholders and beneficiaries to be achieved, while also ensuring the land is protected as a taonga tuku iho.

Putauaki is governed by a Board of Trustees which directly oversees the activities and monitors performance of the Trust and distribution responsibilities.   A General Manager is responsible for the day to day operations and affairs of the Trust.  The General Manager liaises with the Staff, Farm Managers and Consultants and reports directly to the Board.  The Trust has an Administration base in Kawerau. The Board meets typically on the last Wednesday of each month except in the months of January and December of each year. The Annual General meeting is normally held in late November early December. The Trust has a Grants and Finance subcommittees to ensure timely decisions can be made and these committees meet on an adhoc basis. The Board currently has a Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives which provides the Trust with guidelines and parameters on investment decisions and asset allocation.

The Putauaki Charitable Trust was established to enable payment of the majority of the Trust’s grants to its beneficiaries from this entity. The Charitable Trust receives its income by way of a donation from Putauaki Trust. The Trust’s current dividend and distribution policy is up to 30% of the Trust's audited after tax profit for the year ended 30 June is paid out by way of a dividend to shareholders and 10% of the after tax paid profit is set aside for grants and paid to the Charitable Trust as a donation and the balance of 60% is retained in the Trust for re-investment.    



Kia tipu nga rawa a Putauaki Trust hei oranga mo nga Uri otira, e aronuitia ana hoki te oranga me te mauri a to tatou Whenua

To grow the value of the Putauaki Trust's assets for the benefit of all Shareholders taking into account sustainability and the protection of our land.

Whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu koe me Maunga teitei

To pursue worthwhile and profitable goals and not give up easily in achieving them


Our Values


Autonomy in decision making and controllers of our own destiny through leadership


Accept our obligations of guardianship, preservation and protection of Putauaki land


Caring for our Shareholders and their Uri


Maintaining the tribal identity of Ngati Pahipoto


United in the pursuit of mutual benefit for the Shareholders, Ngati Pahipoto and Ngati Awa Whanui


Bringing our families together


Our Objectives


Strategic investment into priority sectors

Deliver sustainable returns to Shareholders

Growing our capabilities


Support the wellbeing of our Shareholders

Create opportunities for employment for our Shareholders


Practice kaitiakitanga over our land


Support Kokohinau Marae and uphold the tikanga of Ngati Pahipoto