Each year, Putauaki Charitable Trust provides grants which aim to support the Educational endeavours and the Health and Wellbeing of both its Shareholders and their Descendants.


The purpose of these grants is to support the Individual and Organisations within the Te Teko Community  to enable them to pursue activities for their own benefit and for the benefit of the Community.  All grants considered will be at Trustees discretion and are available throughout the year.

Written applications will be received with attached supporting documentation 



Owners and Direct Beneficiaries in the Trust may apply for a grant to assist with:

  • Boarding School Fees - applicants must be enrolled in Years 9 or above at a recognised Boarding School
  • Secondary School Fees - applicants must be enrolled in Years 11 or above

Grants are available - February each year   NOW CLOSED





The purpose of these grants are to encourage individual involvement and achievement in Tertiary Graduate level Education.  From this grant, Students have the incentive to progress to Scholarships requiring higher levels of achievement.  The grant promotes relationships between Tertiary Education, Beneficial Owners and Maori Communities.

Applications will be considered from persons who are Shareholders, or descendants of Shareholders, and who are enrolled as a fee-paying student in a TEC recognised Tertiary Institution. 

(If you are unsure whether or not you are a Shareholder or Descendant, please contact the Office, or visit Maori Land online - the Block Reference is Lots 1-2 & 3 DPS 608053)

Payment of Grants will be made in two equal instalments, the first upon approval of the grant, and the second upon verification of certified results from the Institution for the current study period.

Grants are available - 1st April of each year    2020 TERTIARY GRANTS SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID 19

Grants Close - Mid May   



The purpose of the Health Grant is to promote and support the health and well-being of Beneficial Owners.

Health Grants are a one-off payment of up to $600 per annum and are divided into two categories:

  • Kaumatua Health Grants - available to Shareholders and Beneficiaries aged 60 years and over to assist with the costs of purchasing new prescription glasses, dentures or hearing aids.  Trustees may consider other Health conditions.
  • Travel Health Grants are also available to Shareholders and Beneficiaries to assist with travel and accommodation for those requiring to travel outside of the area to receive Specialised treatment and also for followup appointments.  The amount of the grant will be at the Trustees discretion
  • These grants are available throughout the year

Kaumatua Health Grant Application Form                                                                                                                                                                         

Health Travel Grant Application Form








  • Phoebe & Erin Carr 2009 Tertiary
  • Chanelle & Willow Folwell 2009 Tertiary
  • Koreen Te Riini 2009 Tertiary
  • Haleigh O'Brien 2009 Tertiary
  • Julia Coates 2010 Tertiary
  • Raihi Hunia 2010 Tertiary
  • Paraha Savage 2011 Tertiary
  • Adrienne Paul 2011 Tertiary
  • Anita Savage 2011 Tertiary
  • Ngahararei Bosma 2011 Tertiary
  • Rangikaawhitia Tahana 2012 Tertiary
  • Nassah Te Kani-Green 2012 Tertiary
  • Rahera Paul 2012 Tertiary
  • Hinerau Wetini 2012 Tertiary
  • Hingatu Elliott Boarding School Recipient
  • Kaaka MacDonald Boarding School
  • Rangitaiki Festival 2013
  • Te Kura o Te Teko
  • Nga Kaitataki o Te Kura o Te Teko
  • Te Auhi & Waimarie Koopu Cultural Grant