Kaumatua Health Grant

The purpose of the Health Grant is to promote and support the health and well-being of Beneficial Owners.


Health Grants are a one-off payment of now up to $1,000 per annum and are divided into two categories:

  • Kaumatua Health Grants - available to Shareholders and Beneficiaries aged 60 years and over to assist with the costs of purchasing new prescription glasses, dentures or hearing aids and any other medical, dental or optometrist treatment.  Trustees may consider other Health conditions.
  • Travel Health Grants are also available to Shareholders and Beneficiaries to assist with travel and accommodation for those requiring to travel outside of the area to receive Specialised treatment and also for followup appointments.  The amount of the grant will be at the Trustees discretion
  • These grants are available throughout the year

Grant Status

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