Read about our forestry business

Putauaki Trust has approximately 500 ha of its corpus land in Kawerau planted in radiata pine. 100 ha of the Forest belongs outright to Putauaki Trust. The 100 ha forest was established in 1990 and was harvested in 2015/16 with net harvest proceeds of $3.7 million received. The Trustees made the decision to replant 50% of the harvested block in radiata pine and the remainder in Manuka as a nursery crop for a native species such as Totara or Rimu in the future. The remaining 400 ha of forest is subject to a Forestry Right Agreement with Tiaki Plantations Limited with only one term expiring on 31 July 2032. Putauaki Trust has no financial interest in the forest crop and receives a current annual rental of $60,020 plus GST which is subject to five yearly reviews.

Under the terms of the Forestry Right Tiaki Plantations is to re-plant on harvest at their cost and hand back the area to the Trust. The return of 65ha of the land took place in 2016 and was replanted in radiata pine at the cost of Tiaki Plantations. As the 65ha of trees are now owned by the Trust any future growing costs will be the responsibility of the Trust.