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The Trust has over 800 Owners (Individuals and Whanau Trusts) who were awarded Shares in the Trust by succession through the Maori Land Court. The Trust maintains a Registration Database that allows us to contact Owners about Distributions, Grants, and upcoming Hui.  If you are unsure whether or not you are an owner, please visit Maorilandonline the Block reference number is Lot 1-2 DP308053 (formerly 59Y), failing that, give us a call.

Updating Owner Details & Bank Account Numbers

If your details require updating (changes to address or bank account) please download our Trust Registration Form or contact the Office.  All payments to Owners are made by direct credit and it is important that we receive your verified bank account details

Once completed, please send or email to:

Mail to PO Box 99 Kawerau, or
Email to or
Fax 07 3237411

There is a large number (48%) of missing Shareholders on the Register.  The majority of these are Original Owners whose shares have yet to be succeeded to.  Every effort is being made to trace their descendants but the task gets more difficult as the whakapapa grows.   The Succession process is very important when dealing with shares belonging to a deceased owner, if you need help with the appropriate applications, please contact us or the Maori Land Court.  Please take the time to look through our 'Missing Owners' Register, you may know someone.

Missing Shareholders & Unclaimed Dividends

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